Putting the UNI together in Unity

The links below will take you to the separate sites of other individuals and companies serving as inspiration to our team here at IHS Unity.

We acknowledge and are grateful to these individuals and businesses for promoting principles, techniques and products that support greater good. Link 1
Fourteen years ago Leon van Kraayenburg became an earnest student and practitioner learning and applying the principals of Divine Metaphysics, the teachings of the Tibetan Masters of the Himalayas. These teachings are a way of life, utilizing a system or technique that enables one to eliminate adverse conditions from our minds, bodies and our circumstances and replace them with perfect health, peace, harmony and an abundance in all areas of our lives. >read more
Judy Cali Link 2
All her life Judy Cali has had a passion to understand Heaven & Spiritual Wisdom & to share it with everyone. To date she has had 4 near death experiences. She believes all is encoded within our hearts at birth, and our job is to WAKE UP, REMEMBER, WHO WE ARE as ONE FAMILY & that we are everything. > read more
Practical Shaman Link 3
The Practical Shaman. Renee Baribeau is the go to Soul Coach for dedicated individuals whose life mission is make the world a better place to live. Her no-nonsense approach helps people create lasting change, by healing themselves first. She supports innovative change-makers to navigate their goals, no matter what wind is blowing. > read more
image Link 4
The Creation Institute is an online learning community based on the work of Tantra Maat. It is where she will teach people to build their capacity to be whole and to manifest their own expression of life. She will focus on unlocking the creative potential inherent in every human and the inter-woven unity of life itself. > read more